About Renee

I have now been a runner for over 10 years. Crazy to think that I use to hate running. Really running is in my blood and I just ignored it. My dad was a runner through high school and college ((then) Kearney State University and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln) and my mom was fairly competitive in road races when I was little. I did run when I was little thanks to my parents. Proof:
Me and my younger sister after our
Little Green Track Club meet.

But on a whim really I started cross-country my freshman year or high school. At that time I was a soccer player and I was only using the running to get me in shape for soccer. (It did!  I played varsity soccer as a freshman over juniors and seniors mostly because I was fit.) The love of running soon took over and after a disappointing junior year of soccer, I made the decision to quit soccer and to run track my senior year. I then ran a year of collegiate cross-country and track (NAIA) until I made a major life path decision and quit school to get married. I have never regretted quitting school. It was the right decision for me, but I have regretted quitting running competitively.

I got married at 19 and not even a month after my 21st birthday I had my oldest son.  At 22 I had my second son and had my third son at 24.  Having children has really made getting back into running hard. I have run road races (mostly 5ks, a 10k and a couple 1/2 marathons), but so far I am only training to run not race. Although, I have come to the conclusion that I have time to race after I have kids.

So this blog is to document my journey in running, life, and motherhood. Running really is a journey, full of hills and valleys. But running is so entwined into my being I'll never be able to completely not run. I'm still on the journey to see what my body can do.