Saturday, March 15, 2014

How You Can Help: Sex Trafficking

Hey, All! I know that I haven't been around much for awhile. I've been reading, but not writing. But I wanted to pop in and share something with you all.

I have a very dear friend from college who after graduation moved to Mexico City to work directly in the battle to end sex trafficking. I really did not know anything about it before I started learning from her.

Here's the thing: Sex trafficking is so much more prevalent than you think.
Go HERE to read some numbers about it.

This is not a pretty issue, but it's real. There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in history.

And here is a simple, easy way YOU can get involved.

Phillip Abraham and the Volviendo crew (You can watch Volviendo on Netflix) have the opportunity to rescue Penny.

They write:
For most of us, human sex trafficking is a horror that we only read about. For others, it’s a daily reality. In this case, it’s been Penny’s reality for more than 20 years.

Imagine knowing that your family knows, but will do nothing. Imagine knowing you’ll be beaten today with nowhere to go. Imagine knowing that you’ll be forced to sexually serve violent, abusive men with no choice. Imagine feeling your body break down a little more each day, and your hope fade away with it. Imagine having every dream of rescue, freedom, healing, and a different life start slipping though your fingers. 

This is Penny’s reality, and we want to help her change it. 

We need your help. 

We are under the gun and are running out of time to rescue and relocate Penny to a place where she can not only get away from the people who stole her life, but to a place where she can start over and reclaim her future. We have the chance to help save a life. 

Because of the increased complexity and danger regarding Penny’s situation, traditional rescue methods are off the table. Working with a team that has successfully rescued victims and moved them to safety, we are asking you to please help us put a critical puzzle piece into play and help us fund Penny’s rescue and relocation as we move her from one coast to a safe house on the opposite coast. With multiple physical and mental health issues, ongoing financial support will be necessary. Help us bridge the financial gap!

- Various costs of her physical rescue
- Her immediate medical expenses
- Her transportation out of town
- 1 month of her living expenses

We can give you more detailed information when Penny's safety is secured. Collectively, we have more power than we realize. Let’s help Penny take it back and give her the life and future she’s always deserved.

BUT they need funds. So here is how you can help. How you can make just a little difference, but a difference all the same. Any amount, you can be part of removing this woman from slavery. The friend I mentioned at the beginning is how I heard about this and she is friends with the people behind this and I trust her and she vouches that they are legit. So please, if you can, be part of Penny's rescue.

You can visit their Go Fund Me Here.

Thank you if you can help. And if you can't help financially, please pray! Please pray that this woman would find freedom and healing. Pray for those rescuing her. Pray that it would be smooth and safe.

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