Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 Ingredients for My Running

1. My past-a competitor, a team, a coach. Where I gleaned important knowledge and 

developed my love of running. Those years were where the spark of competition became 

ingrained in my being.

2. My present-hip deep in motherhood of 3 small boys and dealing with injuries. But I 

persevere, not giving up because I remember my past and my love of running. Running is 

me–something that gives definition to me outside of motherhood, my family and my friends. 

Running is just for me where I can be alone and come home better a better wife and mother 

than when I left.

3. Running is where I can put each foot in front of the other and allows me to dream about 

the future. Running is what gives me a place to prove to myself that I can, even when I think I 

can’t and a place to turn my dreams into plans.

4. Running has been joy and pain. It has been sweet and bitter. A source of elation and 

depression. It has allowed me to feel. And if you do not feel, you are not alive.

5. But mostly my running is fueled by my love for dessert. I love running, but I really, really 

love dessert.

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