Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Photos

Fall in Nebraska has been beautiful so far. The trees are starting to change and the weather has been lovely. I walked around the yard with my camera during naptime yesterday. I bought a nice camera two years ago and haven't spent nearly enough time practicing with it. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

some deep thoughts and some not so deep ones {would you rather survey}

It's hard to know what to do when running doesn't go the way it's supposed to go. While I was pregnant, I had planned that I was going to be in fantastic shape this fall. I was going to be able to take on races and chase after PR's. The seasons lined up perfectly and the nicest weather was going to be when I was running the most.

Nope. Not quite. I am hardly managing three days a week without pain and while things are slowly getting better, this isn't what I thought my fall was going to be like. I won't lie, either, it's been rough. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions from depression, fear, anger, apathy and glimmers of optimism. I keep having that voice in my head that is telling me to quit and that it isn't worth it.

And I keep trudging on, silencing the voice by reminding myself that this is something I LOVE. This is something that I feel lost without and the exercise that I have found that I truly enjoy. I rarely want to run anymore because my runs are so hard and seem to beat me up more. But I run anyway, because I know that one day they will be better. One day, running will feel effortless again. One day, I will be able to run over 3.5 miles again. One day, I will be able to push my limits and chase after PRs.

I realized, too, that all of this strengthening I am doing in my hips, glutes, abs, and ankles is going to pay off on the other side. It is drudgery now, but I am going to emerge a stronger runner. I have learned that I need to be more balanced in my approach to running. I cannot just run. I need to make sure that I am strong enough. My first visit with my chiropractor, he stressed the importance of strength training. He gave the example of it is better to run 35 miles a week and strength train, than to run 40 miles a week with no strength training.

I have also learned that I cannot define myself or especially my mood by whether I am running or not. I may be happier when I run, but it is not okay for me to be grumpy and take it out on my husband and my kids. It is not okay for me to sink into a depression over not being able to run. Yes, I can want to run and do what it takes to run, but while running can be a huge part of my life, it is not and should not be my entire life.

And on that note, I going to jump to a lighter note and link up with Cori again with her latest Would You Rather Running Style Survey. I always get a kick out of these, but I've decided some of her questions are getting a bit harder to really want to answer {licking armpits!?} I digress, without further ado


Would you rather…  run with one of your ancestors or your role models?
I'd rather run with a role model. I'm not sure which one, but runs are a great time to impart knowledge.
Would you rather…  run a race that is a few hour drive but in a beautiful location or in your city with a short drive?
I'd rather run in a beautiful place, but with children logistically, in my city. 
Would you rather… take an ice bath for a half hour or foam roll for a half hour?
Probably foam roll...I'm good at not doing what I really should because it hurts too much and just doing what feels good ;)
Would you rather… have a black toe nail pulled off or have your entire back chaffed from running and be forced to shower for a hour straight?
I think I'd go with the toenail. Then it's over. Done. And I've had problems with a black toenail that never came off and it's still infected and then it'll get better and then get infected again. Such a pain.
Would you rather… spend an extra $100 a month given to you on running/fitness or save it?
I'd probably buy more shoes, because my husband doesn't understand my constant need for new shoes. 
Would you rather… be known for running the fastest marathon or running the longest distance at one time?
I'd go with the fastest marathon. I just can't imagine running for days.
Would you rather… have your medal handed to you by Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan?
Kara Goucher. I just really like her.
Would you rather… lick someone else’s armpit after a marathon, or lick their foot after a marathon?
ugh...really. The thought of either makes me want to throw up. But if I had to, probably...armpit?

So I'm dying to know, what would you rather?