Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Person Behind the Words

I was so excited to start blogging, but I very quickly realized that it did not come as easily to me as I had hoped. The words did not come easily and I found that like in real life, it is easier for me to not say anything.  It's hard to put myself out there to let anybody and everybody to be privy to my life. But as I think about the blogs I like best, I realized that my favorites are the ones that I feel like I know them even though I have never met them. I want you to get to know me a little better and to start seeing glimpses of the person behind the words.

1. I can be very opinionated, but I most likely will not share it with you. I struggle to articulate my opinion and don't like disagreeing. I'm working on articulating my opinions in a practical way--writing product reviews for things I buy! I find nothing more valuable when choosing a product than a well written review.

2. I want to know the right answer. I hate how one study will show something is good and another will show the same thing is bad. Who is right?!

3. It's hard for me to express extreme emotion--hurt/sorrow or joy. I don't like to process the things that hurt and I can stay in denial {just a tip: this doesn't really work} and I also struggle to be extremely joyful over things. I tend to just hold it all inside.

4. I am an introvert. I don't do small talk well, but there isn't much better than good friends that I can really, really go deep with.

5. I have lists all over my house--grocery lists, to do lists, gift lists etc. And if I have written it down, even if I forget my list, I can usually remember most of it.

6. I didn't start drinking coffee until after my second child and that was because my friends drank coffee and I didn't want to be left out. I quit during pregnancy with #3 because it didn't taste good anymore, but now I drink coffee almost every day {with cream! I can't do it black}. I find it comforting and my husband and I have been trying to get up a little earlier together and spend a few minutes together {with our coffee!} before he goes to work.

7. I get extremely obsessive over researching things, especially if I don't know the answer. {It's back to #2!} You should have seen me researching running shoes and running injuries. It was just a wee tad bit ridiculous. Roadrunnersports is one of my top 6 most visited sites and I've never even bought anything from them.

8. I am not an independent person. I went from living in the dorms at college to married. Looking back, I wish I would have had to be independent. I never had to do things on my own and doing certain things on my own still scare me--I am getting a little better. I so admire people that are.

9. I can't stand the smell of cold tomato sauce.

10. My favorite nuts are almonds--I can eat way too many of them.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Coffee drinker? If so, what's your favorite way to drink it?
Tell me something about you.

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