Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Friday: I'm so Glad/Five Fun Things

Fall is definitely in the air. Even when it is warm {we've been having days in the 80's} you can feel the crispness in the air. The nights are chillier and the leaves are beginning to turn. School is in full swing and harvest is underway. 
^^Yes, Yes!

5 Fun Fall Activities:

1. Run a Race: Fall really is the best time to run. The weather is great 
and the scenery is pretty {if you pick the right race that is}
Scenery from the Crazy Horse Half Marathon in 2011
2. Plan a Fall/Harvest Party complete with a bonfire. We used to have
a lot of bonfires but haven't in years {read since having kids} In fact we got 
engaged by a bonfire {complete with a candle walkway, peanut butter
m&ms, and sparkling grape juice.}

3. Visit the pumpkin patch. Whether or not you have kids, the 
pumpkin patch can be a blast.
Pumpkin Patch 2012

4. Learn to knit. There is something comforting about yarn in cool weather.
I love knitting, but haven't done much since I've had kids {sensing a trend here?}. 
If you want to learn check out your local yarn shop. There are usually classes
and there is something so nice about high quality yarn. {Hi, my name
is Renee and I am a yarn snob.} And if you knit a scarf you are ready for winter.

5. Make all of those pumpkin and apple recipes that you've pinned on Pinterest!
I definitely need to try This, This, This, and This!

What's on your To Do list this fall?
Any pumpkin and/or apples recipes I should try?

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  1. I love October! Yay! It's my favorite month! And I love your list! :) Will definitely go visit a pumpkin patch! :) So excited for my fall races!