Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's One of Those Days

Coconut Caramel Latte

I had a gift card for coffee and I was saving it for "one of those days." And today was it. Because I have a sick little boy.

He succumbed to the strep throat that his older brother had last week. I was hoping we were in the clear, but no such luck. At 3:00 am he was feverish and "my tummy hurts." I called the doctors office first thing, had an appointment at 9:20 am and had his first dose of antibiotic in him by 10:30 am. The treat when you are sick is to sleep on Mommy's bed. I was frustrated because I am missing my second Wednesday afternoon Bible study in row due to strep throat and we were supposed to have supper at friends' house. But I decided it's good for me. I am going to have a positive attitude. Besides, it's good for me to sacrifice for my kids. It teaches me to not be so selfish and put someone else's well-being ahead of my own.

But in the way of running. My IT Bands are still a bit sore {I know I should rest more, but I have a race coming up} but stretching lots has improved them. I only got 10 miles in last week, which was disappointing because I was hoping to get closer to 20. But it'll come, it'll come.

Tuesday: 2 miles and it felt like I was running for the first time again.
Thursday: 3 miles in 25:25 at the park. I have been enjoying getting the chance to run on pavement occasionally and mix up the running surface.
Saturday: 5.2 miles with other people! There is a group that meets at the YMCA and runs together every Saturday morning and I had been getting emails forever, but just went for the first time. Ended up running with the guys. There was only one other lady who runs pretty slow so it was me and the guys with daughters my age {in fact I used to work with one of the daughters} Anyway, it wasn't quite what I'm wanting so I don't know if I'll go back...we'll see.

Monday my run ended up being great. I ran my fastest 3 miles since Nolan was born in 24:25 and my last mile was a 7:35. This was encouraging for my upcoming 4 mile race. I'm nervous and excited for the race--it's a week and a half away.

For the last several weeks we have been meeting friends at the park and taking turns running and watching kids. My husbands has lots of friends to run with and I run alone. Well, last night I took Nolan in the jogging stroller so I wasn't alone. I ran 2.5 miles in 21:54. I ran with my Mountain Buggy jogging stroller for the first time. We haven't quite figured it all out yet for running {it's pulling to one side badly}, but I'm hoping to get that figured out and then after a few runs do a review on it.
finished with their run--only 2 of the 5 that ran
I worked on making my grocery list, because my friend has a shower
to go to so she wasn't there until later
And my toenail polish matches my shoes
Hanging out with this sweet boy.

The real reason Donovan wants to go to the park: slacklining!

Have you ever slacklined?
What was your best recent workout?
Anyone else having one of those days?

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  1. Cool, I've never heard of slacklining! Looks awesome!