Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Things Friday

Sweetest Moment with my Boys...
Reading on the hammock. Their attention spans aren't very long, but I really want to instill a love of reading and books in them so I read as long as they are interested and then take a break.
Photography by my 4 year old :)

I'm feeling...
I'm exhausted. I'm drinking coffee and I didn't even really want it, but I wanted the caffeine. There has been too much activity, too many late nights, too many sick kids, and too many children waking up in the middle of the night.

Good eats...
Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza. I made a homemade sauce that was delicious.

My latest workout...
I ran a cool, windy four easy miles yesterday morning. It was slow, but that was ok. I was just going for what felt good and easy. I pondered and prayed and came back feeling refreshed.

Newest Running Gear...
I got this sports bra the other day at Scheels. I have been running in the Moving Comfort Juno bra, but since I'm not currently pregnant or nursing, I can get away with less support. I've only had one run in it, but I didn't even notice it and it's nice and light which is perfect for this hot weather.


  1. I love that you are working to instill the love of reading into your kids at an early age! So awesome! That pizza looks divine!

  2. Reading in a hammock -fun! And I LOVE Moving Comfort's sports bras. So comfy!

  3. Jealous of your hammock. :) That sounds so nice. And that pizza looks exactly like the garlic chicken from Papa Murphy's--my FAVORITE. So creamy and delicious. The only problem is the salt-induced dehydration battle I end up fighting all night afterwards... (worth it!)