Saturday, July 20, 2013


Our internet was down from Wednesday-Friday, and while it was annoying and I missed having it, it was nice to unplug and it forced me to to spend more attention on things that I should. I played with my kids more, I read more, I cleaned my house more. It definitely opened my eyes to how much time I spend online...and how it's good and enjoyable to unplug sometimes. I'm going to try to be more intentional in my usage from now on. But I love having Netflix back and being able to look up all my recipes and workouts--that only exist on the internet!

Our county fair is this week. We took the boys last night and managed to run into our friends in the parking lot. Jack was pretty excited to see his best friend. We wandered through the commercial building and the 4-H and open class exhibits and then we allowed the boys to choose one ride to go on.
They were both so serious! Motorcycle riding must be serious business. And they couldn't go together, because
they both wanted to drive.

Joel with his future wife. She told her mommy the other day that someday she was going to marry Joel.

Funnel cake.

Taken by my 4 year old 

Those lovely Nebraska sunsets.
Do you have a county fair? Ever go? 

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