Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Would You Rather

I'm joining in on Cori's survey...Please tell me your answers too!

#1. Would you rather bike 100 miles or run 100 miles?

I would rather run. That's a ridiculously long ways, but I don't like biking.

#2. Wear TOO many clothes and then have to carry them because it’s too hot
or wear TOO little clothes and endure a little coldness?
I'd rather wear too little than carry my clothes. I don't really like being cold, but I really don't like having to carry things. Besides, being cold encourages me to run faster. 
As long as I don't have to be THIS cold. I could just
push a stroller for my extra clothes.

#3. Would you rather run without your GPS or without your Music?
This one is easy--I don't use either :) But I am looking into getting a then I would rather run without music.

#4. Would you rather run socially or run competitively?
I usually run alone. I find it fun to run with others sometimes, but I think I'd always ultimately revert back to running alone. And I am competitive. So I'd go with competitively.

#5. Would you rather start a race in the front or in the back?
I would love to be able to start in the front because I'm that fast...but I'm not and I could never be that rude so I'd start at the back. Bonus: You get to pass a lot of people.

#6. Would you rather run a race to raise money for a charity or in remembrance of someone?
I'd rather run in remembrance. I hate fundraising.

#7. Would you rather have an awful race experience and PR or have the time of your life and NOT PR?
That's a tough one. I really really really like PRs, but lousy race experiences are no fun. Ehh, I'll go with the "PR at all cost." 
Maybe a different sort of PR. But I do
love me some PRs.

#8. Would you rather run on the right side of the road during a race or the left?
During a race, oddly the right. It drives me crazy to run on the right during training runs. (It was drilled into me during high school to run on the left.) But every race I think about, I've run on the right.

#9. Would you rather shower and take a nap after a long run/race or shower and be productive?

Take a shower and nap. Running makes me lazy :) I joke that it's amazing that I can run distance at all, because it's too much work to walk a short distance.

#10. Run with your significant other or your friends?
Run with my husband. I get too competitive and I think that ultimately running with my friends would cause me stress.
We even made the registration page for this years race!

What do you rather?


  1. 1st. I love that you did this.
    2nd. Thank you for linking me.
    Now the important parts- I LOVE that you don't run with music or a gps. And we'd be perfect partners for a run- me on the left, you on the right!