Friday, June 7, 2013

Running With Friends

I always forget how much fun it is to run with someone else. I tend to be a loner when it comes to running. I don't really know anyone who runs a similar pace and honestly it's just more convenient to run on my own. But I am running with my friend in her first 5k tomorrow and she asked if I would run with her outside before the race because she has done all of her running on the treadmill. So I met her and one of her other friends who is a month out from having a baby and we ran 3 miles. For me it was a really easy run, but I didn't mind a bit, it was so much fun having someone to talk to. My plan is to get her hooked on running and someday we can do faster/longer runs together. If you don't have a training partner, make one right? {Of course I didn't take any pictures}

We met at the local high school track and after the 3 miles and stretching, I ran a hard 800. I haven't done any sort of speed work since before I got pregnant with Nolan so I am way out of practice. I want to time different distances--100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m so I can track my progress. Sometimes you don't feel like any progress is being made, but by having a standard to compare to, you can actually see progress.

I ended up running a 3:14. My first lap was 1:41 and the second was 1:33 {right? I did that in my head}. I'm pretty happy with it....I wasn't sure of what I was capable of and I think I could run faster another day. When I finished I was glad to be done, but could have gone farther.

I have a 4 mile race coming up in July and I was looking at McMillian's Pace Calculator to get an idea of what a reasonable goal would be. And based on that 800:

based on a faster mile I ran on the road awhile back

so really about what I hoped for.

And because food is always fun to talk about:

An Amazing French Dip Recipe
Better when they are homegrown.

s'more made with nutella instead of chocolate

Have you ever used McMillian's Pace Calculator...was it accurate for you?
Do you have a running buddy?
What's you favorite race distance? Why?

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  1. I run alone for the same reasons. Using my last 1/2 marathon time, the calculator gave me a predicted marathon time much slower than my recent marathon. I should have pushed harder on the 1/2! I like all races, but I especially like the challenge of the marathon. Thanks for the french dip link - looks good!