Friday, June 28, 2013

Running and Ice Cream

1. Last night ended up being great. We all went into town. My husband ran with friends and I ran alone {story of my life} and my IT Bands while a bit sore today, felt fine when I was running. And we came home and ate ice cream And no I didn't take a single picture.

2. My new shoes {oops I mean sandals} came! I ordered them off of Zulily so I got them like 1/2 price :)

3. My 4 year old FINALLY feels better from his strep throat. 3 antibiotics and 2 office visits, bloodwork, and a visit to the ENT later. Praise the Lord. It's so hard watching your kids be sick.

4. Well I will never have to worry about catching snakes. I can just let my 2 year old do it. This makes me shudder just to look at it, but Daddy was so proud.

5. It's FRIDAY and tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to visit friends {2 hours away} and get to go to Trader Joe's!!

What is something that makes you happy?
Weekend plans?


  1. I shop at Zulily too! :) I love it! :)
    Love your new shoes! Looks so comfy! :)
    Oh my gosh! Snakes! Your boy is a very brave young man! :)

    1. I love deals on things I want anyway. And I couldn't believe that he would hold that snake like that--*shudder*.

  2. Yum ice cream! And i love your new shoes!!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to wear them.

  3. Those shoes make me want to check out Zulily. So cute! We always plan a trip to Trader Joe's when we go to Nashville or Atlanta. I keep thinking that we'll get one in Birmingham any day now. We need it!