Saturday, June 15, 2013

Confession of a Runner

I have a confession:

I run in cotton t-shirts. 

Not exactly earth shattering, but in this day and age of all of the tech fabric, this is basically unheard of. I don't wear cotton shorts and I do like non cotton material for cold weather running.  But what else am I going to do my millions of t-shirts from high school? And I'm not against tech fabric and have a couple of shirts--it's just expensive.

I ran an easy 6 miles this morning (in 55:40). I've been trying to run in the mornings to beat the heat, but I feel like I am sleep running and a super slow pace feels super fast. So this morning, because I didn't have to be back until 7:45 (instead of 6:35) I got up early enough to eat some toast with peanut butter and drink some coffee. I felt much more awake than rolling out of bed and heading straight out the door. 

Thursday night I did my first speed workout since before I ran my first 1/2 Marathon in October of 2011! It felt good to try to coax my body into running fast again. My fast isn't very fast yet and I kept it super short to ease into the whole speed thing.

I pulled out my 6 year old racing flats that I haven't worn since college. I could have run this in my training shoes, but I wanted to feel fast and it makes me feel fast to change my shoes. 

My First Speed Workout:
1 mile warm-up 8:55
2 laps pickups (jog the curves and pickup the straights)
400-1:33 (400 walk/jog recovery)
200-45 seconds (200 jog recovery)
400-1:37 (400 walk/jog recovery)
200-45 seconds (200 jog recovery)
1 mile cool down 8:54
stretch again.

I always forget how long it takes to do a rather small amount of running like that. I am so thankful that my husband is willing to watch the boys so I can run. I came home just in time to finish getting them into bed. I was lazy and left my shoes on the floor so the next morning my son tied my shoelaces up in knots. It was actually quite difficult to untangle it all. He twisted it all up and threaded the laces through a bunch of the eyelets. And this is even after I had untangled some.

And last night I got to run in town again. My husband was meeting a couple of friends to run and he suggested we go in early so I could run before him and then I didn't have to run in 99! degree temperatures. A storm went through and cooled down temps considerable before I started running. It was a bit sticky, but the breeze made it bearable. I ran 3 miles in 25:27 (9:03, 8:27, 8:00). When I started my quads protested from the speed workout, but quickly loosened up.

Speaking of my run last night. I almost got hit by a car. Like if I hadn't swerved out of the way, I would have been hit. It was a car backing out of a parking place by the park where I was running and didn't look at all or else he would have seen me. I was extremely irritated by his carelessness and I'm just so thankful that I was paying attention. So Public Service Announcement: Watch out for cars because they might not be watching out for you! AND when you are driving be cautious of runners/cyclists!

Morning Runners: How do you feel awake when you run?
What's something you do as a runner that is out of the ordinary? (like my wearing cotton t-shirts)
Any encounters with cars while running?


  1. I used to run in cotton shirts. Now that I've discovered the joy of non-cotton shirts, I've gotten rid of my old ones. Makes me feel so fresh and clean, even when I'm sweaty and gross! :)

    Glad you didn't get run over by the car - yikes! Scary stuff.

    1. I think I'm just used to cotton shirts from my years of running in them and so the closer fit of tech tees feels weird.

  2. So glad you didn't get hit by that car. That is actually one of my biggest fears with running and why I like to run with other people. I guess I figure it's easier to see a bunch of people. I pretty much never wear cotton shirts for running since I have so many tech shirts from races (I can donate some to your cause!), but my weird thing is that I wear tall socks all summer. Partly to avoid poison ivy on trails and to keep my legs feeling better on roads. I always have a "soccer" tan.

    1. Haha to the soccer tan. I used to play soccer and always had that tan, never thought about it with tall running socks.

  3. Glad the car thing worked out okay! I ran in cotton shirts when I first started running - didn't want to buy running shirts if I didn't stick with it. I started in denim shorts, too, for the same reason - not comfortable on a hot day!

    1. I've always ran in good shorts, I can't even imagine denim! I have some tech tees and I wear them sometimes, but I'm just weird and revert back to my cotton. Sometimes I think I just like being a rebel ;)

  4. I am glad you are okay!! I had TWO scary close calls with cars this morning during my run. Both times I was crossing a street IN a crosswalk WITH the walk symbol on, and a car came racing up to the light trying to turn right on red without looking at all. Then they proceeded to roll their windows down to yell at ME! I wish drivers would look both ways when they are turning. I looked before I crossed but they came up so fast I didn't see them in time. These cars came within inches of me. Being in a hurry to get somewhere is not worth someone else's life! I'm still a little angry about it if you couldn't tell :) Again, glad you are okay!

    1. Yikes! Turning cars are the worst--it's harder for the runner to be aware. And if people don't remember, the pedestrian has the right of way {especially with a walk sign!} I'm glad you weren't hit either!

      I'm using the situation as a reminder that when I'm driving to watch out for runners!