Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bible Bowl Son Run: K's first 5K

As I mentioned yesterday, I ran my friend's first 5k with her this morning. She just started running a couple of months ago and for her birthday {in February} I told her that I would sign her up for her first race. She told me to pick one in June and she'd train for it.

I picked this one because it was a small local race and we knew the people that the money would go toward. I always like supporting people I know.

The race started at 9, but we needed to be to the local farmer's market at 8, because Jack had baked cookies with Grammy to sell at market. {She sells all sorts of baked goods--cinnamon rolls, bread, pies, kolaches...} When did my baby get so grown up!? *Sniff*
Jack and Grammy ready for Farmer's Market.
I ran from Farmer's Market to the race (.9 miles) for a warm up and got rained on a little, but it let up pretty quick. It was in the low 60s and humid. We got sprinkled on a little, but not enough to even really get us wet.

This is a really small race. Last year they had 9 people run! There was probably closer to 20 this year and I knew most of them so it was pretty fun.

We started a little quick I think based on it later in the race. It was hard for me to judge the speed we should go since it was an easy pace for me. Fortunately K was good about saying if she needed to slow down or not.
Hard to see but the little girl with us was running the kid's mile and she
was super sweet. She asked our names before she turned off so she could
cheer us on at the end.
There were no mile markers either and I don't have a Garmin so I had no idea what our pace was. {Sidenote: I really should get a Garmin} K was doing pretty well. We walked a few times, but she always started running again. We finished in 33:10 which was about the same time it took us to run 3 miles the other night and this was with the extra .1!
That's our cheerleader off to the side :) She came and ran in with us.
I was super proud of K for making it through her first race. And she has another race planned in July. A lot of people I know are taking up running and it's fun to see them at these races.
Good job, my friend!

edited to add: You can now see full results here


  1. Oh that's so awesome that you ran this with your friend. Congrats to you both!