Thursday, May 2, 2013

Recent Activities and Food.

The other night we went to a girl from church's soccer game. I'm all for excuses to attend soccer games. I was a soccer player in high school and while I don't miss playing really, I miss watching! Our friend is the one with the ball.

It was a super gorgeous night so I made a picnic to eat at the game. Pizza Stromboli, carrot sticks, apple slices, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies-YUM!

Last Saturday was my last "long" run {6 miles} before my 1/2 this weekend. I was nervous because my IT bands had been getting super sore, but it went really well. It was much warmer than usual, but there was a breeze that made it bearable. I  didn't wear my watch and the last week has been all untimed runs. After my shower I looked out the window and saw this:
My husband was burning the burn pile and the wind picked up a bit. Oops. Fortunately there were no problems.

And some of the yummy food from my week:

My taste buds are growing up. I use to not be able to eat any sort of vegetable with my eggs, but I made a fajita omelette the other day with our fajita leftovers and it was absolutely delicious.

Cinnamon Life Cereal+Nutella+Ice Cream=Delicious

This soup was amazing. It's supposed to be a knock off of Chick-fil-a's Chicken Tortilla Soup--which I've never had (no Chick-fil-a's here :( ) Go find the recipe here and make it. I didn't make it nearly as spicy because I was feeding children and left the red pepper out because I was feeling too lazy to cut it up.

We baby-sat our friends' kids last night so they could go out on a date. And now I am extra thankful that I don't have 3 sets of twins. Our oldests are 5 weeks apart, the middle 2 are 4 months apart and the babies are 2 months apart. Although for being 2 months younger Nolan is way bigger. (He was 90th percentile height and 75th percentile weight at his 6 month check-up!)

And now I must get back to preparing for my race by hydrating and planning my outfit and trying not to freak out.

Eat anything yummy lately? Any recipes to share?
How do you prepare for races (besides the running of course)?

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  1. I like to watch soccer too, my hubby has played competitively since he was a little guy and I LOVE to watch him play =) That soup looks so good!
    Those little munchkins sure are cute but WOW I bet you had your hands full! Hopefully we can connect tomorrow!