Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Mumblings

This morning I was up at 5:30 am! Which is pretty good for someone who normally considers everything before 7 am the middle of the night. I realized that unless I want to run in extreme heat all summer, I need to teach myself to run in the morning before my husband leaves for work. I would love to be a morning person...I just need to go to bed earlier. And besides if you sleep late in the morning you miss these beautiful skies:

I really do like to run in the morning. My mind is not as busy and it's so peaceful. And it's just great to get it out of the way and not have to think about the run all day. My Bursitis was acting up this morning--my calves have been super tight. So instead of pushing it, I just headed home. I haven't been very diligent about stretching and it's catching up with me. I KNOW it will so why don't I just stretch?

I had a pretty good week of running last week. I was going to take 2 weeks off after my half, but got too antsy to run so I took a week. All my runs were pretty low key (4 runs for a total of 16.5 miles). I did get one workout in where I pushed my legs a bit. 

Total of 4.5 miles: 
1 mile easy--9:38
1 mile faster--8:00
{1.5 hour break--I was doing this during naptime and the baby woke up so I finished after my husband got home}
1 mile easy--9:43
1 mile fast--7:27
.5 cool down

I was super excited to see a 7 in front of that last mile. It's been a long time. I'm so excited to train my legs to run fast again. I want to get some more speed work in and really push the pace in that painful, but endorphin filled sort of way. 

I want my kids to think it's normal to have a sweaty, stinky mommy...

What was your best run/workout last week?
What's one thing that you want your kids to remember about you?
--That exercise is important and fun!


  1. Hi, new reader here! That's great that you were able to wake up so early for your run... I wish I could be that dedicated! And wow, I wish my easy pace was as fast as yours!

    My best run/workout last week - my 4 miles. Because I hadn't been able to run that far in a while. Not much, I know, but I'm working on it..

    1. It's so exciting to start building up to longer runs again. I was super excited when I hit 4 miles again too after my baby was born. It seems to me like 4 miles is a big milestone.

  2. Wow you wake up so early! :) I need to teach myself to become a morning person too. Ugh. :/
    Aww that's a sweet pic of you and your kid... so precious! :)

    1. Trust 5:30 wake ups are few and far between.