Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Fantastic Things on Friday

It's Friday! Which is extra fantastic because yesterday felt like Friday. It's been one of those weeks.

5 Fantastic Things:

1. It is 7:03 am and I have already run and had my coffee. That's right, I motivated myself out of bed at 5:30 for the second time this week. Folks, that might be a record. Usually I'm just a one hit wonder ;) But I do have a question for morning runners: How is your body awake? My super slow pace felt super fast and I felt like I was sleep running. At least the sky was pretty.

2. I get to see my family tonight! There's a party for my cousin (who live 1/2 hour away from us) and my parents and 3 of my siblings will be there, along with my grandparents. I'm super excited to see everyone and I'm thankful that we don't have to drive too far.

3. Our 6th wedding anniversary is in 2 days!

4. My husband gets off of work an hour earlier than usual today. They've been working 9 hour days to get some projects done, but today is just an 8 hour day. So that means we get to go to Sam's before the party tonight and we can get more Nutella! Because I really want to make these S'MORE COOKIE CUPS.

5. We have leftover peppers from our fajitas last night and I'm going to make an omelet with them and I can't wait!



  1. Way to go, getting your workout in so early in the morning. That's awesome! And you have some awesome things going on, early congrats on the anniversary and have fun making those s'more cookie cups!

  2. Good job for waking up early and getting done with running! :) It's nice to get done with your run for the day. :)
    How was your party with your family last night? :) I hope it went well! :)

    Advance Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and your hubby! ;)
    Have a great weekend!