Monday, March 25, 2013

Contrasting Runs

To be honest, I have starting writing way more posts in my head and not on the computer.  I have a couple more Texas posts I want to get up and a couple others that I have been working on.  BUT I want to get this one up about my run on Saturday (last Wednesday) before it is older news than it already is.

Nebraska has not gotten the memo that it is Spring.  And it is a million times worse coming back from Texas where it was 75-80 degrees every day.  We spent the week in shorts and I ran in a tank top and shorts.  Twas glorious.

But we came back to snow.

And I had two very different runs.

Exhibit A:
Orange Trees and Beaches.  Ran maybe 3ish miles on Wednesday in Ingleside on the Bay, Texas.  My bursitis was acting up a bit so there were about 3 minutes of walking in there.  But stretching well afterwards seemed to alleviate it and I had no troubles on my runs Friday and Saturday.
Exhibit B:
Stocking Hats and Snow.  Ran 6 miles in wind and slushy, wet snow.  As I was running along (on the rural roads around our house) I had an old man slow down and ask me, "Is there a problem?"  Like I would only be running if there was a problem.  I just firmly said, "No." and kept running.  Why is it that people do not think it is normal to run in bad weather on a Saturday morning? :)  Regardless, it is no wonder that our society as a whole is not very healthy--eating healthy and exercising is not normal.

Why do you think eating healthy and exercising is not normal for our society?
Honestly I think it is because of the prevalent "entitlement" mentality.  We want what we want when we want it.  We want dessert so we eat it.  We want to sleep in instead of exercising so we do.  Being healthy takes a lot of self-discipline and that's hard so people don't.

What was the weather like on your last run?


  1. haha. i feel the same way. i think of great posts and then never quite get them down or in a post!

    i think everywhere is currently having a freakish spring! like i'm pretty sure it literally snowed across the entire US!

    i ran outside today. it was 16 degrees. ran 10 miles, couldn't feel my fingers for nearly an hour after i got done running! way to get out there in that crummy weather!

  2. I know! Get with the program, Nebraska!! =) So thankful that it will be nicer tomorrow. I think our society has a problem with self-control and self-gratification. And impulse-control and and and.... =) We're a society of entitlement, like you said, and a 'what makes you feel good THIS moment'...I battle it too. I have a HUGE food problem (which people don't believe as I'm not an over weight person) but I have a bad relationship with food =( Its something I'm working on!
    My last outdoor run was Wed and I think it was low 30s