Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day

This was us yesterday.  I had been hoping that the forecast of all the snow would be wrong, but the weatherman were right.  I am getting antsy for least I didn't have to go anywhere.  We ended up getting about 9 inches of snow.

So today was a good day for staying home :)

We spend the day next to the fire and doing things like playing Chutes and Ladders and reading lots of books.  (Otis and the Tornado and We're Going on a Bear Hunt are favorites right now.)  Watching movies (Thomas the Train for the boys and Downton Abbey for me)  Knitting.

I got a run in (so thankful for the treadmill and this was my view instead of being out in it!)  I think I'm doing pretty well injury wise right now.  It just don't want to re-injure myself.  So I'm taking it easy even though I feel good.  I ran 2 miles at an easy pace...with no pain and no walking breaks!

And just because, a super cute baby.


  1. Super cute picture of the little one! Noticed your forecast 'map'...where do you live? I'm in Omaha, not too far from you I assume!