Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy {belated} Birthday to ME!

So good news!  I went and got a second opinion on my pain in my ankle/Achilles/foot whatever and he wasn't convinced that it was Achilles Tendonitis!  He said it was more likely Bursitis--which is no fun (and the same treatment as Achilles Tendonitis), but not  quite as freaky as problems with your Achilles tendon. :)  So I'm feeling a bit more optimistic.  I haven't run for 2.5 weeks and I'm completely resting until next Monday and then going to try this running thing again.

My birthday was last Friday and last Thursday my husband tried to surprise me with a day trip away (without the kids) and take me to get {new} running shoes

because my last new running shoes didn't work if anybody needs or knows of anybody who needs a pair of hardly used Mizuno Alchemy 12's size 9.5, I can hook you up ;)

However, we ended up with a sick kid so we had to reschedule until yesterday.  It was a great day--Thanks Honey for the great birthday present :)

I may have mentioned before that we don't have a running store anywhere nearby so we drove 2.5 hours to Omaha because I have a friend from high school who is now managing a running store there.  (So if you are ever in Omaha, NE and need running shoes go see Andrew at Peak Performance)  He has dealt with a lot of the same Achilles problems/pain I have so it was nice to talk to him about shoes, because he knew what sort of things I needed.  I was being a bit "shoe-shy" after the Mizunos not working out, thankfully he was super patient with me and I was able to wear the shoes I was looking at for quite awhile and even run on the treadmill in them for a few minutes.  I came away with...Brooks Adrenaline!  I'm a little nervous changing brands. I've run the last 7 years in Asics, but the Asics were too narrow for my funky toe on my right foot and the Brooks had a much better toe box for my foot.  Asics are more cushioned than Brooks and it will take some getting used to.

We went out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory (the first time for both of us and holy cow it's a lot of food!)  We were both stuffed (and I didn't even eat it all!) and didn't even get cheesecake.  But if I'm going to eat all the calories in cheesecake, I want to enjoy it and not just stuff myself.  I got the Renee's Lunch could I not :)  The soup was delicious!  It was a Mexican tortilla soup.  I was wishing I'd just gotten a bowl of soup and then cheesecake.  Next time I'll know.

Then we went to Mahoney State Park and climbed the tower and hiked around on some trails.  We live in a super flat part of Nebraska so the hills aren't normal for us.  We both had our North Face jackets on....and you know

So we did :)  It was great.  There wasn't too many people around on a Tuesday afternoon in February.  The weather was a bit windy but in the 40s.

We stopped for Sonic cream slushies since we hadn't had dessert.

Can't wait to try out my new shoes!  It was a fantastic day and I'm so grateful to my mother-in-law who kept all 3 boys.  She's a brave lady :)


  1. I've only been to Peak Performance once and loved the helpfulness'll have to tell me how you like the new shoes! I've been in Nikes since I started running in 2010 but am thinking of switching as my latest pair has been bugging a bone in the top of my foot (near my big toe) which is WEIRD as its the same year as the ones I am currently retiring...

    1. I'm taking the shoes back :/. Mostly because I think they are actually a 1/2 size too small. I've had a tough time finding something that fact I'm back in my Mizunos that I bought and thought didn't work-go figure. Anyway, could the toe box be too narrow on your shoes now? My feet grew after my 3rd child and I'm finding I need more room in the toe box and if you have an updated model, sometimes they narrow the toe box...grr. I hope you find some you love.