Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seven Things Saturday

1)  One meat (made with beef instead of pork)--3 dishes.  I didn't get a picture of the first meal, but we served it like the original recipe.  I am really into Mexican lately and avocados.

2)  I have been trying to eat intuitively lately.  Stopping when I'm full and making healthy choices and not eating as many snacks.  Snacks are my downfall.  For the most part it is going well and I'm currently about 5 pounds over prepregnancy weight, which I'm pretty happy with especially since this is the weight I got pregnant with Joel at.  However, I'll let myself indulge one in awhile :)  Puppy chow and Austrian candy.  My in-laws have friends in Austria who send us this candy every Christmas.  It's amazing, so I'm glad we only get a little.

3)  Running is going fine.  I'm still following a run/walk plan 4x a week.  I've decided I like the every other day thing because I can look forward to a day off and then I'm looking forward to running again.  I run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and cross train on Tuesday and Thursdays and so far Sundays are usually a complete rest day.  I am realizing that my body will probably only ever tolerate 4-5 days of running a week.  But as a busy mom that is a freeing thought...I've never been good at cross training so I'm exploring new things.  I bought this video and I've done it once and it definitely kicked my butt.  My hamstrings are still sore 2 days later.  I think it will be great for toning.
 I've been getting some runs in outside--Monday was cold but no wind and then yesterday and today it was in the 40s!  Wednesday was nice, but to fit the run in I had to go on the treadmill---but then I wore a tank top and shorts.

And just had to look at the snow

4)  I found a new use for my rolling pin.  And have been stretching before AND after I run.  And warming up before I run...I am determined to get this Achilles issue under control.

5)  I am realizing that most of my workout clothes in the winter are black.  At least I have a pink zipper.  Maybe it's because I wear the same clothes every day...

6) I got the see The Hobbit...not one, but two times!  And the first time I got to see it in 3-D and 48 frames per second...totally worth the $14 ticket.  I liked it a lot, not completely true to the book, but definitely a good adaptation.

7)  My boys are the greatest.  I just love them.

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