Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Set Backs and a New Year

The flu has gone through our whole house.  I'm really not sure how it couldn't when you have your 3 year old and 2 year coughing in your face and over everything.  Or you can try the whole cover your mouth and then they cough on their hands and spread it over everything or wipe their nose with their hands...yeah pretty much despite my best efforts with the handwashing, hand sanitizer and lysol, our house is a petri dish of germs.  I cringe just thinking about it.  Anyway, I ran very slowly on the treadmill on Friday before I realized I had the flu.  And before that I hadn't ran since the previous Thursday because of injury.

And this is the time that in the past despite my best intentions I would quit.  Or back off and just not get back into it very quickly because it's hard to start again.  But I am going to take the set back and see it for what it is...an injury that I need to figure out a course of action on how to take care of and being sick which will go away.

My fear of being uncomfortable....My fear of hard things...I am not going to let those fears win.  I love running.  And despite the challenges, despite the set backs.  I am going to start again.  No matter how slow I have to.  No matter how much I feel like I am starting at the beginning.  I can never succeed, if I never start.  I don't want to make the goal, but then get scared when it gets hard.

It's a new year.  It's so easy to make goals and resolutions.  I'm great at making a gazillion, but not following through.  I have some things in my head, but I haven't pinpointed what it truly attainable yet.  I don't want to simply make grand plans that get scared of and quit.  So I don't think I'm going to give you a grand list {at least not right now}.  I just want to use this new year as a good time to sit and reflect on last year and to refocus on what I want to do this year.

Although I am going to reflect now on my December goals....

GOALS for December:

-Get my long run up to 6 miles. Long run-4 miles.  Then my achilles tendonitis started acting up and I got sick.

-10 pushups on my toes in a row {this is a bit contingent on how my wrist feels.  A few weeks ago my wrist started really hurting and I'm not sure what I did.  It feels better now...hoping that lasts} Pushups in a row: 8.  My wrist did start bothering a bit so I backed off.

-Start in on core work.  I've been super careful to fully let my abs heal, but I'll be 6 week postpartum on Monday.  I have started some but not as much as I would like. 

-Re-read The Hobbit {and then see the movie}.  Almost done!  And still haven't seen the movie.

-Post regularly on this here blog.  I think this was my best month yet!

-Be conscious of my food choices---more healthy, less treats.  But I promise you with Christmas, I will have treats.  I'll just exercise :)  Depended on the day.  This is something I always struggle with and need to continue to make good choices.
-Start some fun Christmas traditions with the kiddos.  My husband and I talked about doing one Christmas-y activity each week...but haven't come up with any specifics.  But things like Christmas light viewing, Christmas movies, and I thought about shopping with the boys for a child on the Christmas tree in the store to teach them that giving=good.  We didn't do as much as we would have liked--we did get some Christmas light viewing and Christmas movies in.  

-Get some more Christmas decor up {pretty much meaning taking my fall decor down soon} I'm pretty happy with my Christmas decor.

This tangible look at goals is a good system for me and I hope to continue this monthly.  I'm hoping to have my January goals up in a couple of days.

Happy New Year!  Do you make goals/resolutions?  Tell me some of them!


  1. We have pretty much been sick over here for weeks. When you have kids, it just rotates through the family again and again. Yuck! Hope you feel better soon.

    Have you ever tried push-ups on your fists/knuckles? It's not the most comfortable, but I have wrist issues too, so I can't do a lot of push-ups the normal way. If you put padding under your knuckles it feels better.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try that. I don't know what I did to my wrist...but I'd still like to get some pushups in.