Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekly Workouts {11/25-12/1} + December GOALS

Weekly Workouts:

Sunday:  First postpartum run!  1.5 miles {15:12} + .25 mile {walk} warm up and cool down

Monday:  2 mile walk on treadmill

Tuesday:  Run {treadmill} 1 mile {10:20} + .25 mile {walk} warm up and cool down

Wednesday:  2 mile walk {with .5 mile run at 6 mph in 2 min+2 min+1 min because I felt so good} {treadmill}

Thursday:  1.5 miles {15:01} + .25 {walk} warm up and cool down +Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred {level 1}.  I took it easy especially with any jumping and didn't do any of the crunches yet and instead held a modified plank position {on my knees}.

Friday:  Rest

Saturday:  2 miles {20:29}

     Run: 6.5 miles
     Walk:  4 miles
     Cross-training:  1 workout {unless I get ambitious later}


I feel like time has been flying--December already!  I'm loving being able to exercise again and really want to get into a good routine.

GOALS for December:

-Get my long run up to 6 miles.

-10 pushups on my toes in a row {this is a bit contingent on how my wrist feels.  A few weeks ago my wrist started really hurting and I'm not sure what I did.  It feels better now...hoping that lasts}

-Start in on core work.  I've been super careful to fully let my abs heal, but I'll be 6 week postpartum on Monday.

-Re-read The Hobbit {and then see the movie}.

-Post regularly on this here blog.

-Be conscious of my food choices---more healthy, less treats.  But I promise you with Christmas, I will have treats.  I'll just exercise :)

-Start some fun Christmas traditions with the kiddos.  My husband and I talked about doing one Christmas-y activity each week...but haven't come up with any specifics.  But things like Christmas light viewing, Christmas movies, and I thought about shopping with the boys for a child on the Christmas tree in the store to teach them that giving=good.

-Get some more Christmas decor up {pretty much meaning taking my fall decor down soon}

Do you set goals?  What are some goals you have for December?
   I'm a great goal-setter but I don't always follow through very well.  But if I don't set any, then I really don't     do anything productive.

Any fun Christmas traditions in your family?

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