Thursday, December 13, 2012

1000 Gifts

I started a list awhile back based on Ann Voskamp's Book One Thousand Gifts.  I never finished and I decided to start over again.  I find that for me, life is much nicer when I take time out to focus on my gifts and blessings and things that make me smile instead of so often defaulting to looking at the negative.

  1. My husband, Donovan, I am so in love with this man.
  2. Jackson, my oldest, his giggles and smiles warm my heart.
  3. Joel, my middle child, all boy, but so sweet with his blonde curls and blue eyes.
  4. Nolan, my baby, there is nothing sweeter than baby snuggles and smiles.
  5. Running
  6. Pretty smelling candles.
  7. Clean drinking water that is easily accessible.
  8. Christmas lights on houses.
  9. A house that is our own, with more than enough room.
  10. Flannel sheets.
  11. A healthy family.
  12. Gracie, our dog.
  13. Last minute company for lunch.
  14. Cheese.
  15. Homemade caramels.
  16. A season celebrating the birth of my Savior.
  17. A stack of wood waiting to go in the wood stove.
  18. Coffee...especially this afternoon.
  19. Listening to Jack and Joel talk to each other.
  20. New clothes.

This will be an ongoing list...

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