Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Running, I'm BACK!!!!!!

I went on my first postpartum run yesterday!  I had been feeling pretty good walking, but hadn't attempted running yet.  I wanted to run outside as opposed to the treadmill, because I wanted to run intuitively instead of trying to stick to some pace--or be depressed by the pace I was running.  And who I am I kidding, I'd rather run outside any day.  I walked .25 miles and then ran 1.5 miles and walked .25 miles.  I was going to run 1 mile to start with, but I was feeling good so I ran the extra .5.  I could have made it 1.75 miles home.  But I my muscles were starting to feel the extra effort {especially through my pelvis} and I decided not to push it on the first run.  I was so happy the whole run.  I loved the uncomfortable feeling in my chest and legs.  I loved knowing that soon, I'll be able to start pushing my body hard again.  O running, how I have missed thee.

My plan right now is:
Monday: walk, strength
Tuesday: run
Wednesday: walk, strength
Thursday: run
Friday: walk, strength
Saturday: run
Sunday: run

I'm planning on running Saturday and Sunday so I can take advantage of the time Donovan is home during the day so I'm more likely to be able to run outside.

And now I have a dilemma.

There is a 1/2 marathon that I would love to run the first weekend in May.  But registration opens like the first week of December {so like next week!} and sells out super fast, but I want to know that I'll be able to run that.  I know I'll be fine, if running starts fine.  But I have 1.5 mile runs to base that on :/  So I don't would certainly give me motivation to train and I know I could be ready if running goes fine from the beginning.  If Donovan is fine with it, I'm leaning toward signing up, but would just hate to pay for a race that I don't get to run.

What would you do? Would you sign up or find a race you could be more certain about?

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  1. woohoo! congrats on your first run back! i think you have a great plan! also as far as that race goes, just sign up! you'll train, i promise! :) :)