Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1976 Steeplechase Olympic Trials -video

This video showed up on my facebook newsfeed today from a running friend from college.  What's cool is that our former coach is running in this video!  I can't remember if I knew if he ran at Trials or not, but here's evidence.  His name is Kregg Einsphar and if you look at the video before playing it, he is the blonde in the white shirt and blue shorts.  By the time I knew him, he couldn't even run anymore because of a hip injury.  But in his day he was a fantastic runner.  He was a 3 time conference cross-country champion and hold the school {Concordia University NE} record in the 3000m steeplechase {8:30.06-1982} and I know at least at one time he held the record for the 5000 {but I think that one of my teammates broke that one...but I couldn't find our for sure}  He only coached me for 1 year {because that is all I was there} but he did a great job of pushing me and making us all into better runners.

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  1. thanks for sharing and looking back at awesome, old races is so fun! even better is when u recognize the runners!! :)