Monday, August 27, 2012

Lineman Rodeo

My husband competed in his first Lineman Rodeo this weekend.  {Electrical lineman compete in different job related events for accuracy and time--a total of 4 events}.

We've been in a drought all summer long and when does it choose to rain, but Saturday morning.  It ended up stopping shortly after they started and because it has been so dry it was hardly even muddy {except the parking lot that I tried to walk across, but that's another story.}

It was so fun to go watch Donovan compete {especially after all the races he has watched me run!}

I even remembered to take some pictures :)

Sleepy boys watching Paddington...this looks like a nicer
rainy day activity. :)

They set all these poles, just for this rodeo and will take them
all back down.

Donovan heading up the pole.

Their first event...changing a cutout?  Or
something like that?

Brian {Donovan's teammate} on the ground.

More of the same event.

There were 2 judges per event and they were judged on
accuracy and time.

Brian getting things together to send up to Donovan.

Getting ready to start Hurt Man Rescue...the
bull riding of lineman rodeos.

Donovan on the ground during
the Downed Primary event.

Cleaning up their stuff after their last event.

All the kids--our 2 and Brian's 5.

Banquet supper.  I was starving by the time we ate.
I forgot to take a picture of the dessert, but it was nothing

They ended up getting 3rd place in the
Downed Primary.  They were pretty excited :)


  1. THIS POST MADE ME SO SO SO HAPPY! i can't stop looking at the pictures!

    my dad is a lineman & used to compete in rodeos all the time! i mean, he still does... it's just not the same... you know.. since he is older now. plus his team keeps changing. when he was younger he had the same team for YEARS. they ended up going to kansas city && winning quite a few times!

    speed climb... cut out.. hurt man rescue.. i've known all this lingo since the age of like 5! my dad had a few records in the speed climb for a while. it was like watching spiderman or a gecko climb up that pole! do they still have to put the egg in their mouth for the speed climb?!

    the company he works for was houston lighting & power. WAS. it's changed names a billion times since then. i think it's currently called centerpoint energy?

    my dad doesn't do much field work anymore. most of the time he is teaching apprentices in a classroom.. you know.. if there isn't some freak hurricane going on.

    just ONE more thing we have in common! i remember thinking (&&still thinking) that my dad was the COOLEST for doing these!

    congrats to your husband && his team!

    1. They didn't have a speed climb! But my husband would love that!

      That is super cool about your dad--yep another thing in common :)