Monday, August 13, 2012

Kool-aid Days

My hometown is the birthplace of Kool-aid and every August there is a weekend celebration of Kool-aid.  We took the boys to the opening parade and my goodness it was a madhouse.  My sister-in-law said it was way worse than last year.  It was fine, but too many people for my taste.

I promise he is more excited than he looks.

The local fencing school.

My high school!

Miss Kool-aid.  I never ever aspired to be "Miss _____" 

The Kool-aid Man!

The World's Largest Kool-aid Stand.  You can buy a mug and then
try all sorts of different much as you want :)
Sugar overload anyone?

We made them wait until we got back in the vehicle to eat
any of their candy.

1 comment:

    I remember all the commercials with the KOOL AID guy too :-)
    Im a 70s child...