Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bad Blogger, web finds, and my running status.

I am officially a bad blogger and a bad mommy.  We went to a family reunion this weekend and I didn't take a single picture the entire weekend.  I even thought about it, but decided I was too lazy to go get the camera.


  • My husband is literally counting down the days, but we're all excited for family camp {links to a video--bonus points if you can spot me :) }

Most unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that my running during this pregnancy has come to an end.  I really wanted to make it a few more weeks, but due to baby's position I get a lot of pain in the cervical area during running {even a minute at a time} and I start contracting.  So for the health of my baby, I'm going to have to stick with walking.  I'm bummed, but soon enough my sweet little boy will be here and I know I can get back in shape afterwards.  {After all, I've done it twice without running at all during pregnancy!}  I'm starting to get antsy for my baby boy after Janae just had her sweet baby girl and my best friend had a baby girl this morning!  But my to do list is still plenty long...


  1. Aww, I'm sorry you aren't able to continue running, but it seems like that is what is best for you and baby. Plus, you've made it so far! Much longer than your other two pregnancies- and you should be very proud of that!

  2. i'm a bad blogger too lately-- so we are in the same boat! i haven't been reading blogs lately. but i wanted to say thank you for still reading.. i absolutely love your comments!

    totally cracked up on the "mo farrah running away from things!"

    junk food regulations?! SRSLY?! just try telling a pregnant or PMS-y woman "sorry, you can't have your ice cream!" i'd slap somebody!

    && that is a great shirt!

    hope you are well!