Friday, August 24, 2012

A List

  • I am currently obsessed with peaches.  I've eaten 3 today.

  • My husband had an abnormal workday today so he got us doughnuts :) {I promise I only ate one}.

  • And then the boys and I had oatmeal (with peaches!) to balance it out.

  • My husband had a stow-away in his work truck.

  • Well really he is the dummy for hurt man rescue, but when I went to leave for my eye appointment, I had to look twice.  And believe it or not this guy weighs 250 lbs.

  • I got a new prenatal workout video.  I did the first section yesterday and then the second section and the stretching section today.  Holy cow is it hard.  I decided on this one because of the reviews on amazon complaining it was hard...and that's what I was looking for, because most of those videos don't give me a workout.  I actually didn't expect it to be this hard, but I think it will be really good.  Lots of strength movements and it gets your heart rate up, but very, very low impact.  I also like it because it moves quickly from one thing to the next so you really are working hard the whole time.  It actually made me a little sore {especially through the shoulders :) }  And the lady is actually pregnant...I hate it when the instructor is not pregnant.  Oh, so you look all cute and skinny and I just feel like a whale {or a cow, or an elephant, or a rhino...}

  • I am 30 weeks pregnant today.  So at the most I have about 10 weeks left.  And both my boys were early, so it's possible that even before that!  That's hard to wrap my mind around.  Although, I'm getting toward the end of my rope with this whole pregnancy thing.
  • 1 mile walk with the boys this morning.  A beautiful breezy, cloudy morning.
  • There is a local 60 mile relay tomorrow and I'm super bummed that I can't run.  Next year!  But my husband is competing in the Lineman Rodeo at the State Fair tomorrow, so at least I'll be busy all day

What are your weekend plans?

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