Monday, July 23, 2012

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was so honored and seriously cried that Katie from Run Inspired nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I was so touched that my little blog is reaching someone :)  A few months ago, I found the wonderful world of running blogs and soon jumped on the bandwagon.  I love reading other people's and I've enjoyed dabbling in the blogging world.  I have always felt a connection with Katie, because we are both pregnant right now.  (She's a few weeks ahead of me).  It's so nice to hear about the journey of running through pregnancy from other people.  I won't lie, it's hard, but there is so much motivation in other people's stories.

And since I have been nominated, this is what I have to do:

  • Display the award logo somewhere on your blog.
  • Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  • State 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
  • Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.
So without further ado, 7 things about me:
  1. I got married at 19, pregnant with #1 at 20, delivered a 7 lb baby boy at 21, got pregnant and delivered a 8 lb 2 oz baby boy at 22, bought our first house at 23, and now we're expecting baby boy #3 at 24 (due November 2!).  
  2. I cry way too easily.  I have been know to cry when I'm sad, upset,  nervous, angry,  hurt, frustrated, and happy.  It's embarrassing sometimes.
  3. When I started cross-country my freshman year of high school, I stunk.  I ran into my coach this last weekend at a race and he told me that his first impression of me the first week was, "you're in the wrong sport."  But he  was a good enough coach to never let on...anyway, I stuck with it and ended up taking 2 minutes off of my freshman times, my sophomore year and became the #1 runner on varsity for the rest of high school.  I also ran in college (the one year I went to college...)
  4. I quit college after one year to get married.  I was never interested in a career and was going to college because I thought it was something I had to do.  I have now been happily married for 5 years and a stay-at-home mom to two boys and one on the way.  I have never regretted quitting school, only that I quit running competitively.
  5. I could happily live off fruit--strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, mango, cherries...
  6. My husband teases me for being a pessimist...but he's an eternal optimist so we balance each other out.
  7. I dream big.

My nominations....{I hope if you don't already read these blogs, you check them out.  They are seriously some amazing ladies}
  1. Hungry Runner Girl...Janae is the blogger who got me hooked on running blogs.  She is so sweet, genuine, and real.  She is also pregnant right now, but runs crazy mileage and I just love reading her new posts. {And she is the reason for many of my doughnut cravings!}  I can't wait to see how her running goes after baby.
  2. C is for Courtney...Courtney runs marathons, but is currently battling injuries and I love how she isn't making her give up and she's fighting to get back to the running she loves.
  3. Ms. Fit Runner...It is so inspiring to me to hear how Katie balances running (fast!) and being a mother to 3 small kids.  Instead of making excuses on why she can't, she does what it takes so she can.
  4. NYC Running Mama...Michele is another pregnant runner who was getting great mileage in, but recently started battling pain while running.  I'm looking forward to reading about her getting back in shape, because I'm sure she'll rock it.
  5. Pace of Me...Jessica is another running mommy.  I am so inspired by these women like her who are mommies and run and get great training in.  This post she wrote on goals and getting where you want to go was so good for me.  I bookmarked it to revisit when I'm ready to start crushing post baby goals.
  6. Ricole Runs...I love her fun, happy personality that shines through her writing.  I'm inspired that although she is struggling to find her running mojo right now, she hasn't given up and she's getting it back.
  7. Run Inspired...Katie is the sweetie that nominated me, but she definitely inspires me as well!  I love hearing about her pregnancy and how excited she is to be a mama.  She has stayed so positive and run several half-marathons without getting down that her times are slower.  I love reading her pregnancy updates and I am super excited to hear about her training post-pregnancy.
  8. Shut Up and Run...seriously the title says it all, but I often laugh out loud at Beth's brutally honest and hilarious posts.
  9. This Runner's Trials...Another mommy runner.  Her little guy is 8 months old and I am so inspired by how Jen deals with the difficulties of motherhood and still keeps running.
  10. Run Pretty Run Fast...Robyn is seriously fast and I love reading her recaps of races and workouts, and it inspires me to get back to some of those hard workouts post-baby.
  11. Lindsay on the Go...Lindsay is diabetic, but she doesn't let it stop her from running.  I am seriously inspired by people like her who don't make excuses and just do it.
  12. Mile Posts...Dorothy is a mommy to 3 and one fast and determined runner.  She does most of her runs with a stoller {from a single to a triple!} and I so admire that she doesn't make excuses and she runs anyway, because it is what she wants to do.
  13. Just a Colorado Gal...Heather is an adventurous spirit and I love reading about her latest adventures.  She is training for her first marathon and I enjoy following her journey.
  14. Katie Runs This...Katie is currently in the middle of moving to a new state to pursue a job that lets her work with her love of running.  I am so excited to see how she goes through this transition.  I love how running is truly woven into her.
  15. Chicago Runner Girl...Britt is super fast and I have been following her journey from burn out and on her way back up.  I admire that she doesn't give up on her goals, but is reevaluating and taking the best course of action she can to get those goals next time.
Thank you again to Katie for nominating me, I am so honored.  


  1. You're welcome!! I love reading your blog. You give me hope for my running after baby! I also loved your 7 things about you. I totally agree with #2 (crying) and #5 (fruit). I am way jealous of #4. Being a stay-at-home mom is a wonderful 'job' that I would LOVE to have, but we can't do it financially right now. Enjoy every minute with your babies!!!!

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who cries at everything! :) I hope someday you get to stay home with your baby(s). I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I do understand that other people choose to/need to.

  2. i already emailed you, but i just wanted to thank you again for nominating me. this was such a bright moment in my day.

    i cry at everything too. even though you don't think you were that great, i think it's really awesome you did cross country. that is something in life i'm regretting that i didn't do in high school. i watched a meet last year, looks like a lot of fun.

    dreaming big is awesome! follow those dreams! also, i never finished college either. as weird as it sounds, i'd rather be a stay at home mom, than have a career that pulled me away from my family, hands down. any day of the week.

    also, looks like you are reading all the right blogs!

    thanks again!

    1. I ended up loving xc! I only ran track my senior year (and that one year of college), but xc is what I miss! And it's so rare to meet other people who didn't finish's nice to know I'm not the only one :) And I wouldn't trade staying home for the world.

  3. well thanks for nominating for this! i'm inspired that you are 24 and a momma of three, or almost three for that matter! wow, i'm 28 and most days i feel like i can barely take care of myself! you are one inspiring mother runner!

    i could also live off a diet that consists solely of fruit. there are only two fruits i hate, oranges and passion fruit, and i would say that 75% of my diet is fruit.