Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'll just pretend it's fall

I am so over summer.  I am so done with heat.  I am so done with sweating by just sitting.  And I am so looking forward to fall.  To the crisp fall weather, to sweatshirts, to soup and apple cider.  To pumpkin flavored things.  And a baby in my arms.  So I made applesauce and sat in the air conditioning and it felt just a little like fall {until I look at the thermometer...}

Apples from the in-law's tree

Cut out all the bad spots. {Which for most of them was 1/2 the apple}

Throw the apples in the crock pot with a splash of lemon juice,
brown sugar, and a cinnamon stick

Cook on low for 6ish hours, mash it up and voila!  A little taste of fall
in midst of the heat wave.

1 comment:

  1. oof! i hear ya lady. it's been pretty toasty here in denver too. WOW, now i want apple cider after reading this!!! i wish there were only two seasons... fall... and those few days between spring and summer! perfection!

    maybe i'll give this homemade applesauce a shot! looks delicious!