Saturday, July 28, 2012

I am so excited for the Olympics.  I'm sitting here watching the opening ceremony and trying to imagine what it would be like to be one of those athletes walking in.  The atmosphere looks so fun :)  I love how all these countries come together for the Olympic games and of course I love a good competition.  Although, I must admit I've never even heard of some of the countries...and I couldn't tell you where in the world so the others are.  I'm just bummed I have to wait another week for the track events.  At least I have gymnastics to keep me occupied in the mean time.  It's also a bummer that we only get network tv so I miss out on some stuff too.  Anyway, I am just giddy over the Olympics...I'm looking forward to just sitting around and watching Olympic coverage when my husband is gone next weekend.  He and two friends are going to Colorado to hike Longs Peak.  I'm super jealous, I would be hiking it too if I weren't pregnant.  When we stopped preventing pregnancy in January, I was hoping that maybe I wouldn't get pregnant for awhile so I could do the hike this summer, but I'm 26 weeks pregnant instead.  Maybe next summer :)

How do you like our old school TV, we even still have a VCR!

I'm really starting to look forward to our little guy getting here.  I'm due in 14 weeks, but if he takes after his brothers, he'll be here in 12-12.5 weeks.  Eeek...I still have a bunch of projects I want to get done.  I wish I had half the motivation to accomplish things when I'm not pregnant.  It's so much easier to bend over.  I'm working on a baby blanket right now.  I've knitted a blanket for each of my kids and I think that it's the single best way that I bond with baby before birth.  I love sitting there feeling Baby tumble around inside while working on the blanket and dreaming about baby {and watching Netflix...}
26 weeks!
My husband got a meal on the company tonight since he worked enough overtime so we had a late night treat :)
Bacon Cheeseburger and fries...and of course the slushie.


  1. colorado mountains will always be here! let me know when you want to come hike, would love to join you!

    ...just don't make me run up any! :) :)

    mmmm. that bacon cheeseburger looks delicious.

    fun random fact: after my parents got divorced, i would spend friday nights with my dad. we would always eat jack in the box for dinner. i always got the double bacon cheeseburger. i could never eat the whole thing. so i'd eat half for breakfast the next morning. haha. like you absolutely had to know that! :) :)

    have a great weekend!

    1. That would be super fun if we ever get the chance to hike together! And no worries, I'm not running up any {you should see what we call hills around here}

      And I love random facts about people.