Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's been a long day.  My husband has been gone (unexpectedly) since 7 am.  I was very quickly losing my patience with the boys. (and the only reason I'm not now is because they are in bed).  I'm tired and I just want to cry, but I don't even have anything horribly wrong.  It's just one of those melancholy feelings.  We've been super busy all week and I haven't had much time with my husband and I don't think that is helping.

I had a sucky run today.  Two miles--mostly walking.  I had the boys in the stroller and it rained last night so the gravel was soft and my legs were tight 1/8 of a mile in and I just hope that this goes away so I can still run.  I'm not ready to give up running at 21 weeks.  Walking is too slow.  And I may or may not have hid out alongside of the road to pee after only a mile.  I guess I should start carrying toilet paper ;)  And I promise, I peed several times before I left.  I ordered a support belt yesterday so hopefully that helps out with that problem as well.

So I am a running nerd and love watching videos and reading about running.  And today I was watching a bunch of videos and seriously every time someone won I'd want to cry for them I was so happy for them.  I realized that it is because they have achieved greatness.  They conquered every obstacle, they fought and they did it.  I have never been a great runner, really by most standards I have only ever been mediocre.  However, that is the great thing about running--you can do it to simply compete with yourself.  But seeing people be great is pretty amazing.  I have struggled to be in good shape since I quit running competitively 5 years ago.  I am nowhere near where I was (and I quit after only 1 year of college (NAIA) running ) and I really believe that I could have been much better.  I was on my way up.  Someday (most likely post babies) I want to achieve my own greatness.  I want to be the best I can absolutely be.  I want to quit making excuses and do it.  I want to develop self discipline that I currently lack.  But most of all I want to run fast, because running fast makes me happy.

O and when Ashton Eaton broke the world record in the Decathlon at the trials, I about lost it.

Some of the videos I watched I wasted a lot of time :S  Especially since I also watched the 2008 NCAA women's XC championships...but Sally Kipyego's third straight individual title is pretty awesome.

Billy Mills wins gold at the 10,000m at the 1964 Olympics.

The 1993 Women's 1500m World Championships.

Women's IAAF World Championships 2011 3000m Steeplechase.

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