Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a hot one

It's supposed to get up to 98 degrees today.  I was determined to get my run done this morning or else I most likely wouldn't.  I'm the queen of excuses when it's super hot.  I ate a quick breakfast of a mini bagel with peanut butter and granola...and something else, but I don't remember what!

The boys weren't quite in as big of a hurry as I was so we didn't make it out the door until 8:30ish.  The thermometer said 75, but it felt very toasty.  I went 3 miles.  No strange aches or pains, so glad for that.  My first .5 mile was 5:44--which included refereeing a fight, picking up hats 3 times.  I may or may not have yelled at the boys, "You guys are making this run suck!"  The next mile was with the wind, which always makes me feel strong, but I knew that I was going to have to turn around and run that mile straight back into the wind, but I did that so that I was be cooler on the way home.

so a breakdown as I remember (I don't have a gps...just a plain old stopwatch :) )
(times listed are total times at that point)
.5 mile 5:44
1 mile 10:19
1.5 mile 15:04 
 (water break {stopped watch})
2 mile 20:??
2.5 mile 26:?? (includes 30 seconds walking before I started again)
3 miles 31:38

Total 31:38  

I'm happy with that for 1.5 miles against the wind and a toasty day with the stroller :)

Water break at 1.5 miles
Post run

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  1. thanks for stopping my blog and your tips on postpartum running. Best of luck to you on staying active during your pregnancy. I did not run with my first so this is all new to me too. I do find reading other pregnancy/running blogs keeps me motivated to stay active, despite the heat.