Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A List

1.  It's hot today.  And summer isn't even fully here.  I think I might melt when summer is fully upon us.  And it's so hard to motivate myself to do anything when I'm hot and sticky.  I'd rather just read about other people running.

2.  It's easy to dream about training hard and racing while I'm pregnant---and all the workouts I'll do, because I don't actually have to do them now.

3.  My 4 favorite foods right now--watermelon, yogurt, frozen fruit, and salad.  Listing it like that makes me look really healthy, but really it's deceiving.  If I would just eat healthier, I'd probably be doing pretty good.

4.  Hammocks are perfect for summertime.
My 18 week belly

5.  I'm in a dilemma on whether I should sign up for a 4 mile trail run next month.  It starts at 9 pm so you finish in the dark (unless you're fast).  I did it last year and it was a ton of fun.  But I have this thing about not doing things, unless I can do them well. *sigh* pride.  Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I can do it without overdoing it.

6.  Speaking of races, I keep bookmarking my *someday* races for post-pregnancy.  I need races or else it's too easy to not run or slog through my runs.

7.  I go back and forth between excitement for baby #3 and terror.  Why am I doing this again!?

8.  I discovered "drinkable" yogurt at Wal-mart last week and found that I'm loving it for post-run. That and oreos :)

9.  I have been adding lime to my water since I got pregnant and it's hard for me to drink just plain water now.

10.  And speaking of dilemmas, I can't decide if I want to find out the sex of this baby or not.  We didn't with our first, but did with out second...and my husband doesn't want to and I think I want to, but I go back and forth.

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