Saturday, May 19, 2012

Running Party of 5 and a Mini Fam Vacay

So I told you that I broke out the jogging stroller and I'm happy to report that we have taken it out 3 times this week with our party of five (me, the baby inside me, my 2 boys and the dog).  It amazes me how hard I have to work for those 2 miles.  The first time it took me 23:34, then 22:40, then 21:17.  I think I am learning how to better run with it.  I'm excited that (at least for awhile) I have the option to run when my husband isn't home.

We took a mini family vacation Thursday and Friday.  We picked up the new (to us) vehicle that we purchased (to accommodate our growing family) and then went to the zoo.  The boys did great...they loved swimming in the hotel pool, but the late naptime was a bit rough. (#2 was asleep before we left the parking lot)

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