Thursday, May 3, 2012

Running in the Now---and now is pregnant

It is so easy to compare myself to myself.  To compare my current fitness to what I was able to do 5 years ago.  But the truth is I can't run those paces anymore, but I can run.  I can run at my current pace and I will get faster if I stick with it (well after Baby anyway). Sometimes I get discouraged, but I have to remember where I started when I started running 10 years ago.  I could barely run 1.5 miles, but because I didn't give up, within months, I could run 8 miles.  Running pregnant has been very hard for me.  I look at other pregnant runners and wonder why I even try.  I try because I love to run, because running is good for me and Baby, and because I am not them.  I am me and that's all I can be. I can run what I can, but that's all.  I am determined to continue on running pregnant (even though I have not run since last Saturday due to strep throat).  I will continue on.  And after Baby is born, I can go back to working on running longer and faster.

Running pregnant seems to be somewhat controversial.  I had a friend tell me I shouldn't run races pregnant.  She is not a runner and doesn't exercise at all.  I was very bothered by her comment, like I am doing something bad.  I have slowed down and I listen to my body no matter how hard that may be.  There's so much information out there on both sides of it.  But I really liked this article sharing motherly advice by Runner's World.  Everyone has to come to their own conclusions.  This is my third pregnancy, but I didn't run through pregnancy with either of my boys, but started again after they were born.

Janae at The Hungry Runner Girl also posted the same Runner's World article on her blog and there was a ton of great comments from people sharing their experiences.  For me personally, I love hearing what worked and didn't work for others.

Did you run during pregnancy?  What advice would you give?


  1. I did run during pregnancy -- but never NEVER pushed myself! I ran comfortable and just listened to my body. I kept moving the whole time and slowed to mostly walking towards the end of my pregnancy. My advice would be to listen to, respect and honor your body - always - and especially while pregnant. I am stronger now after my third baby than I ever have been - running faster, longer and just more fit overall. Hang in there and enjoy this special magical time!!!

    1. Thanks for the advice. That's what I keep seeing and keeping needing to drill into my head--to not push it.

  2. LOVE IT!!! It is so funny to me how friends/strangers/random people will give you advice on what you should be doing when you are pregnant. I love to ask them, 'are you an obgyn because mine told me that the way I am exercising is helping me and my baby and is perfectly healthy.' They always look at me weird after:) Comparison traps are the worst especially during pregnancy. When I start getting down on myself about this I just tell myself HEY, I am out here and RUNNING and that is all that matters. My babies health is more important than a pr or beating someone else! You are amazing and keep up doing what you are doing. Listen to your body and make sure to get plenty of rest! Great post!