Friday, May 11, 2012

More Tiring than Running

4 children 3 and under (all within 21 months of each other).  And now I'm extra glad that I haven't had 2 sets of twins.  I watched my friends kids yesterday...and by the end of the 7-1/2 hours, I was exhausted.  I am even more confident (than my already very confident decision) that I do not ever want to run a home daycare.  It really was a good day and they really are good kids, but kids at that age don't share very well...

The adventures of J, J, HJ, and J in pictures...

Can you tell I am feeding 4 toddlers?

I asked my 3 year old what he wanted to do while his friends were here and he said, "Have a birthday party!"  Well it wasn't anyone's birthday so we had an unbirthday party with angel food cake.

Mmmm...this cake made me happy :)

The whole gang :)

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