Monday, May 14, 2012

The Beast

So I haven't run in.....well, a very long time now.  I had taken a week off when I was sick, but when I started up again, I was having problems with aches and pains that I just couldn't shake and knew shouldn't be hurting like that.  So more time off.  I finally ran this morning and because I can never do anything the easy way, I took my kids in the jogging stroller for the first time 15 weeks pregnant :)  We went 2 miles in 23:34 (alternating walking and running).  The stroller adds a lot to the workout.  This run made me tired :)  I have dreamed of a BOB jogging stroller, but my husband won't go for the price tag :( and kept reminding me I have one.  Well, this stroller is from the 90s era (free from my aunt and uncle) and it's a beast.  But the tires are no longer flat and I decided to suck it up and just go.  I loved the freedom of being able to run after breakfast, but in the morning.  It was great...and I think the boys enjoyed it too.

The boys in The Beast

Then we picked strawberries when we got home and ate some for a snack.

P.S. Look at this cute cupcake that my 3 year old made for me in Sunday School yesterday for Mother's Day.  He wanted me to eat it right away, but I told him I wanted to take a picture first :)

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