Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Reasons why I run

1.  So I can eat dessert.
2.  To be fit.
3.  No other exercise can replace my love of running.
4.  Running is a part of me.
5.  Running makes me happy.
6.  Sitting is boring.
7.  Competition.
8.  The scenery.
9.  I'm a nicer wife and mother.
10. I can't not.

See, running makes me happy :)

My parents used to have a poster of the poem hanging in our basement.  It had funny 80s cartoon drawing of people running as a border and I love it.  I wonder if they still have it....

Why Do I Run?
Why do I run?
'Taint no mystery -
Wanna have a good
Medical History.
Doctor told me
Runnin' is great-
Helps them, blood cells
Great for the lungs,
Great for the ticker,
Can't nothin' getcha
In better shape quicker.
Feels so healthy
Feels so sweet,
Pumpin my arms
And flappin' my feet.
Moldin' my muscles
Firmin' my form,
Pantin' like a pack mule,
Sweatin' up a storm,
Keeps me youthful,
Keeps me loose,
Tightens my tummy
And shrinks my caboose.
Beats being sluggish,
Beats bein' lazy -
Why do I run?
Maybe I'm crazy!!
Ed Cunningham

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  1. Thanks for posting the poem, I've been looking all over the internet for that. My brother used to have the same poster in his room & I've been trying to remember how it went. Wish they still made the poster, I'd love to get one for a friend.