Monday, April 23, 2012

Leprechaun Chase 10K Race Recap

{This race is actually from March 10, 2012 before I started the blog, but wanted to add some recent races that I can still remember clearly}

I found out that I was pregnant the end of February.  I signed up for the race the beginning of January know that there would be a chance that I would be pregnant.  We had been doing the whole not preventing thing.  But I didn't want to miss the race if I wasn't pregnant and decided if I were a race like this would be good motivation to continue through pregnancy.  This is my 3rd child, but I didn't run through pregnancy with my first 2 because I wasn't in shape before I started and then got lazy.  Anyway, I signed up and two weeks before the race I found out I was pregnant.  And it turns out I was much more nauseous with this pregnancy than my first two.  I slogged through the miles leading up to the race and was regretting entering because I was going to do so horrible (you know such happy thoughts).  But I did go and it was much warmer than I expected.  Like 65 degrees March 10 when average is in the low 50s.  Needless to say, there was a lot of overdressed runners.

The race actually started at the Strategic Air and Space Museum inside the hangar.  Which was nice because registration was all inside and we were sheltered from the very gusty wind.  However the starting line was very, very tight and even though they asked us where we expected to finish we were not lined up according to speed.  Everything else had been organized up to this point, so I was surprised that the starting line was not better organized.

Oh, and before I go any further, I need to explain how this race worked.  We lined up according to gender and the ladies started 5:30 before the guys.  The "chase" then began and the race was to see if a guy or girl crossed the finish line first and the respective gender got a free beer after the race.

So I was stuck behind a lot of super slow people so I spent most of the first mile trying not to waste all of my energy but still zig zagging through people to get a comfortable pace.  I missed the first two mile markers so I wasn't sure of my pace until mile 3 (I just run with a regular old stop watch) and discovered that I had run the first 3 miles at a 8:01 pace.  Which I was shooting for closer to a 9:00 min/mile pace to make sure than I wasn't running too hard.  I felt strong and comfortable.  My breathing was not too hard, I wasn't cramping so I just went on.  Mile 4 was a little slower, but I don't remember exactly what and I don't know for sure about 5 and 6, but I finished in 50:08.  I was super excited, especially not knowing what to expect from a 10K (I hadn't run a 10K since the one I ran on the track in college, 5 years ago) and being pregnant (and nauseous).

And now running a 10K again, I really like the distance.  I'm looking forward to running more in the future, but those will probably have to wait until after baby, because my mileage fell off significantly after that race.  But I don't know if I'll run this race again, the format frustrated me.  It's more for fun than seeing how well you can do I think and I don't do races just for fun very well.  It was a beautiful course, but I wish the race was a bit more competitive than silly.

And a guy won by the way.  This was the 3rd year of the race and the first two a girl won it.  The same girl who won last year ran it this year, but she actually just competed in the Olympic Trials for the marathon and I don't think she had the speed she needed this year, but still ran a great time of 37:52.

Leprechaun Chase 10K
Overall 389/1747
Sex 124/1158
Age Division 19/181 

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