Saturday, April 21, 2012

In the Zone 5K Race Recap

My husband I ran a 5k this morning.  This was a small (48 runners) local race in its first year.  But it was super organized and I didn't have any complaints with how the race was run.  It was a loop on bike trails and through residential streets.  Most all of it was on pavement although there was a short stretch on gravel.

I went in the race with very low (therefore slow) expectations.  My training is basically just running at whatever pace I can and only 2-3 miles with an occasional 4 miler in there.  Which is what I do when I'm baking a baby.  So anyway I wasn't stressed or anything.  I just went to run for the fun of it. I did a very short warmup (maybe 1/2 mile) and it was just enough to work the kinks out my legs and let me stretch.  And another trip to the nasty park bathroom. Where thankfully I was the only one in there because there are no doors on the stalls...awkward!  And we were off.  I went off pretty easy, making sure that my breathing was in check.  I knew the pace was a little quicker than I have been training, but nothing crazy.  I ran the first mile in 7:55 and then 8:07 for the second so it would've been 8:23 for the last 1.1 miles.  I finished in 24:25 which got me 6th female.  I honestly was super excited.  Running pregnant has been hard for me so to do better than expected just make my day.

My husband likes to run 5ks occasionally, but he doesn't like to train.  (He draws the line when I ask him to run 10ks or 1/2 marathons with me)  So in the last 2 weeks he ran like 3 times and only about a mile each time, but he managed to run a 21:18 for second place overall.  They gave prizes to the top 3 male and female.  Well second place was $30.  He was pretty excited to get his entry fee+some back.  He's frugal like that.

Sadly I forgot to take any pictures this morning and the wife of the guy in the tank top took this picture.  They're friends of ours from a Young Marrieds Group we go to at a local church.  I know I look so super enthused but it's a good profile shot of baby and me.

In the Zone 5K
24:25 (7:52/mile)
6th female

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